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In Writing With Fire we follow a group of Dalit (previously known as “Untouchable”) women in Uttar Pradesh, India. Despite their already vulnerable position in society, these women have come together to make their own newspaper. Not only is the field of journalism heavily dominated by men in India,...
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Official Opening: LADIES ONLY (2021)

Ladies Only is a captivating documentary which takes you on board a packed local train in Mumbai, India. The carriage we’re on is for ladies only. Director Rebana Liz John gets talking with several passengers in the women’s carriage, and invites them to talk about their own lives. What...
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NAME OF THE GAME (2021) + Panel Talk

This is the true story of when #metoo came to Norway, via one of Norway’s most influential politicians through several decades. Name of the Game is probably one of the most unique Norwegian documentaries you will see this year. It ended up in a completely different place than director...
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