Hendelseskategori: Fiction

MEDUSA (2021)

21-year-old Mariana and her friends are devoted Christian choir girls by day – and an aggressive vigilante gang by night. They have grown up in an Evangelical congregation in Brazil, which has a special focus on women’s role in society: You’re required to be clean and unkissed, take extremely...
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Middle-aged Cédric loses his job because of some innapropriate drunken behaviour gone viral. In an attempt to absolve himself and to prove that he’s really a nice guy after all, he decides to write a book about his experiences as a white cis-het male and remorseful sinner. Meanwhile, his...
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Queen of Glory is a poetic indie about Ghanaian-American scientist Sarah, who has to cope with the death of her mother. The duties that follow turn Sarah’s everyday life upside down, as she starts an exploration of her Ghanaian identity. Director Nana Mensah has created an honest, chaotic and...
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